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Fraser's Hill, located 1,524 metres above sea-level in the mountains of Pahang is another enchanting hill resort. Like Rome, it is built on 7 hills. But, unlike Rome, it bears no claim to
cosmopolitan fame - it has about it, a rather quiet rustic air, more in keeping with the rustic solitude of English countryside's.

The resort is named after an English adventurer, Louis James Fraser, who, towards the end of the
nineteenth century built himself a shack in the hills, operated a primitive mule train and embarked on the lucrative trade in tin ore. This continued until the first decade of the twentieth century when he apparently disappeared.

In 1910, Bishop Ferguson Davie of Singapore combed the mountains in search of Fraser. The search for Fraser proved fruitless but he had on the other hand discovered a perfect mountain retreat - one that was to become one of Malaysia's foremost hill resorts. Surveying work began in 1919 and set the stage for its development as mountain retreat.

Today, in spite of the spate of developments and the addition of modern hotels and luxury condominiums, Fraser's Hill retains much of its natural charm and quiet tranquillity through careful planning and engineering ingenuity.

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