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Fraser's Hill  

Fraser's Hill nestles quietly at 1,524 meters above sea level, slightly to the north of the Genting Highlands and also in Pahang. The beauty of Fraser's Hill is based primarily on its cool mountain air, its abundance of luxuriant vegetation, and its peace and tranquility--all of which have made it a favored destination for birdwatchers. While there are many other attractions to be found here, they are all pleasantly complementary to Fraser Hill's tranquil charms. There are jungle trails, waterfalls, and flower nurseries, a very pleasant 9-hole golf course, and a riding stable. Other facilities include a children's playground and a roller skating rink. 

For accommodation, Fraser's Hill has a range of hotels, chalets and colonial bungalows to suit one's preferences and budget. The resort is about an hour and a half away from Kuala Lumpur. The road to the hill resort winds for about 35 km after the Gap.

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