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Welcome to Fraser's Hill 
    Fraser's Hill Malaysia  
A family experience with nature, leisure, culture & adventure in the cool highlands 
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British flag
HRH Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip's visit to Fraser's Hill
       Butterflies ... Tranquillity ! The perfect place in the hills to relax and unwind ... 
Aerial view of Fraser's Hill
  Click on the photo to find out more about interesting places in Fraser's HillHoney Bee
This is an aerial view of Fraser's Hill, developed on verdant hills. The open greens in the middle is an army field which can also be used as a helicopter pad. You can also see the motley of English bungalows scattered around Fraser's Hill. Isn't it a refreshing getaway from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur ?
On the far right hand corner is where I stay... the hillside Fraser's Hill Condominiums which have panaromic views of the valley. The other clearing on the far end is part of the golf course. The mountains on the horizon is the main range of Peninsula Malaysia 
Nature HummingbirdDiscovery ! 
      A Memorable Family Adventure with Mother Nature ... 
    Nature Walk 
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    I took this photograph of a group of students from the Kuala Lumpur International School. They were given a briefing before embarking on a nature walk and birdwatching expedition organised by the Frasers Hill Nature Education Centre.
Mr. Durai, a friend of mine who is the field guide, will take them into the jungle trails and he will narrate wonderful stories of how the rainforest ecosystem work.
Mr. Durai is also known as The Birdman because he can imitate the calls of most of the birds found in Fraser's Hill. These students will learn how to coo like the birds too when they complete their nature walk.
       Fraser's Pine Resort
The  Haven of   Relaxation 
A Home in the Hills ... Time for Family Togetherness 
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Pine trees
This is where I stay..the Fraser's Hill Condominiums which comprise of 96 apartments. It is a nice place with views of sunsets and sunrises across the horizon. Each of the apartments has 3 bedrooms and 2 restrooms. The living room is spacious complemented by an equally spacious balcony.
I have stayed here since 1985 and I have neighbours who comes during the weekends. Most of these homes are 2nd homes for them and they usually stay in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city which is just 2 hours drive from here. Part of the condominiums are resort apartments operated by the developer and known as the Fraser's Pine Resort.
I like it here because it is exclusive and not so congested like some other developments in Fraser's Hill.  There's squash court, tennis court, sauna baths and BBQ pits here. It's a great place to spend with the family and friends.
      The Hills are Alive ! ..... 
With a passion for Thrills and Excitement  ...Full of activities all year round   
My friend Mr Rubin Gan was the first person to develop whitewater rafting in the Selangor River which flows from Fraser's Hill to the lowlands of Kuala Kubu Bahru. He convinced me that the Selangor River has world class rapids Whitewater Raftingthat offers ideal conditions for whitewater rafting and kayaking. The 2 hour bullet cruise down river passes more than 20 rapids ranging from Class 2 to Class 5 rapids. 
There are  other leisurely activities like WWF Nature Walk, Birdwatching, Boating, Fishing, Golfing, Mountain Bicyling, Archery, Horse Rides, Sightseeing , Waterfalls & Picnics, Souvenir Hunting, Excursions, Mini-Golf, Go-Kart, Roller Skating and many more for all ages.
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If you know of any place or hill-station in the rest of the world that is similar to
Fraser's Hill, please do e-mail me and I would like to link their site to this page too.
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